Hiroshi Saito, Ph.D.

Bio / Education: 

Graduate School (PhD)
University of Tokyo, Japan

Research Fellow 
Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas

PubMed Publications: 

  • Starr, M.E.;Steele, A.M.;Cohen, D.A.;Saito, H. "Short-Term Dietary Restriction Rescues Mice From Lethal Abdominal Sepsis and Endotoxemia and Reduces the Inflammatory/Coagulant Potential of Adipose Tissue." Critical care medicine 44, 7 (2016): e509-19. [PubMed Link] | [ Full text ]
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  • Starr, M.E.;Saito, M.;Evers, B.M.;Saito, H. "Age-Associated Increase in Cytokine Production During Systemic Inflammation-II: The Role of IL-1β in Age-Dependent IL-6 Upregulation in Adipose Tissue." The journals of gerontology. Series A, Biological sciences and medical sciences 70, 12 (2015): 1508-15. [PubMed Link] | [ Full text ]
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  • Takahashi, H.;Okamura, D.;Starr, M.E.;Saito, H.;Evers, B.M. "Age-dependent reduction of the PI3K regulatory subunit p85α suppresses pancreatic acinar cell proliferation." Aging cell 11, 2 (2012): 305-14. [PubMed Link] | [ Full text ]