Resident Candids


Wes EdmundsWes Edmunds, MD
Hometown: Greenville, S.C.
University of South Alabama
Med. School:
University of South Alabama
Areas of Interest/Research:
Hand Reconstruction/Microsurgery, Head and Neck Reconstruction
Why UK?
When I rotated at UK, I was most impressed by the volume and variety of complex cases combined with a focus on patient-centered care. The chief residents had a great deal of autonomy, but also demonstrated great competence and confidence in their abilities to handle all of these cases. From our general surgery training to the Chief Cosmetic Clinic, I was excited about the breadth of opportunity within the department. I wanted to be part of a program that would provide me with the skills to manage any patient while having an enjoyable time doing so. I found it at UK.

Chelsea and Payden WallaceChelsea Wallace, MD
Hometown: Florence, AL
The University of Alabama
Med. School:
Areas of Interest/Research: Complex Wound Healing problems, Breast Reconstruction, Body Contouring after major weight loss.
Interests outside of medicine include: Alabama Football, Traveling with my husband and live music.
Why UK? In addition to the variety of cases and strength of the faculty, I chose UK because I was extraordinarily impressed with the program's residents. During my rotation at UK, I found that each resident displayed a passion for pursuing excellence, whether it be in the OR, clinic, or teaching didactics. UK residents take care of one another and are constantly having fun inside and outside of the hospital. I knew I wanted to spend the next 6 years with this unmatched group of residents.


Alisha Bonaroti, MD

Alisha Bonaroti, MD
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Undergrad: George Washington University
Med School: University of South Florida
Areas of Interest/Research: Breast and Facial Reconstruction, Tissue Engineering, and Wound Healing
Why UK?: UK offers the best of both academia and operative experience. Plastic Surgery has fantastic faculty, research opportunities, and a broad case load with high acuity patients. Residents at every level impressed me with their technical skill and clinical acumen. The camaraderie among residents is truly like family. I am confident that my training and personal growth will help me develop into a confident, competent plastic surgeon with solid peer relationships.

Bud Sauer, MDBud Sauer, MD
Hometown: Birmingham, AL
Undergrad: University of Pennsylvania
Med School: University of Alabama - Birmingham School of Medicine
Areas of Interest/Research: Hand surgery, Microsurgery, Pediatric Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery
Why UK?:
When I rotated as a medical student at UK, I was impressed by the experience that residents gain through operative volume. This training program provides us with exposure to all fields of plastic surgery. Additionally, and equally importantly, the residents all get along very well and support each other. I knew this was the place where I wanted to pursue my training.


Chris Howell

Chris Howell, MD
Hometown:Lexington, KY
Undergrad: Wake Forest University
Med. School: University of Kentucky
Areas of Interest/Research: Fat grafting, Hand/Extremity reconstruction. 
Interests outside of medicine: Skiing, running, soccer, basketball
Why UK?: I was attracted to UK due to the strong sense of camaraderie among the residents and the wide variety of cases and clinical issues that commonly present at UK Hospital.

Chris Kubajak, MDChris Kubajak, MD
Hometown: Lexington, KY
Undergrad: University of Kentucky
Med. School: University of Kentucky College of Medicine
Areas of Interest/Research: Microsurgery and Hand with research alternatives to Acellular Dermal matrices for immediate tissue expander breast reconstruction.
Outside of UK:
Spending time with my wife, Jen. Recreational sports leagues
Why UK?:
I really had no idea that I was interested in Plastic Surgery prior to my rotation at UK. The residents and attendings created a fantastic atmosphere in which to learn. Coupled with the high volume of diverse cases, the division provides a strong, well-rounded surgical residency experience.


Miriam Henry, MD

Miriam Henry, MD

Hometown: Monroe, Louisiana
Mississippi College
Med. School: Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center - Shreveport
Areas of Interest/Research:
Hand, Microsurgery, and Massive/Post Weight Loss
Why UK?
Residents and faculty get along well. Lexington is a growing city and offers numerous outdoor activities - something that's very important to my family.


Tucker Kornegay, MDTucker Kornegay, MD
Hometown: Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Undergrad: UNC Chapel Hill
Med. School: Medical University of South Carolina
Areas of Interest/Research: Breast reconstruction, Hand surgery
Why UK?: The program at UK offers exceptional training to residents in a wide breadth of surgical cases. When I visited, I was drawn to the great attitude of the residents. It was clear to me that UK was not only a wonderful place to train but a great place to work.

Maggie Wetzel, MDMaggie Wetzel, MD
Hometown(s): Princeton, Kentucky
Medical School: University of Kentucky Medical School
Areas of Interest/Research: Microsurgery, Breast Reconstruction, Hand Surgery
Why UK?: As the region’s premier medical center, UK provides the opportunity to be exposed to a wide variety of cases and a broad patient population. The world-renowned surgeons and highly skilled resident team offer top notch training and mentoring within a close-knit group of dedicated professionals. UK Plastic Surgery will be a great place to develop my surgical skills and cultivate lifelong relationships.


Iceland 2020Evan Lynch, MD, PhD
Hometown(s): Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Medical School: University of Kentucky Medical School
Interest Outside of Surgery: Basic Science Research, Predictive Analytics for Modeling Sports Performance, Collecting rare bourbon.
Why UK?: The visiting student sub-internship process was a critical factor in my decision to choose UK Plastic Surgery for residency. Rotating through community-based and research-focused Plastic Surgery divisions, I developed relationships with UK faculty, residents, and staff that stuck with me. As an MD-PhD graduate, Kentucky affords me the chance to continue developing my translational research endeavors.

GarrettGarrett Minor, MD
Hometown(s): Paris, Tennessee
Medical School: University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Interest Outside of Surgery: Backpacking, cooking, Memphis Grizzlies basketball, spening time with family and friends.
Why UK?: On my away rotation at the University of Kentucky, the faculty and residents impressed me. There is a teamwork atmosphere and strong camaraderie to which I wanted to be a part. Furthermore, the chief residents were the most poised and surgically skilled that I had seen elsewhere. I had no doubts that I would train at UK if I was invited.