Housestaff Benefits

  Individual Beeper


  • First Year: Two weeks
  • Second Year and Above: Three weeks
  • Eight holidays and four holiday bonus days
      *In accordance with University policy/or in compliance with board requirements.

  Health Insurance

  • UK credit for plan and coverage level chosen

  Parking Permit

  • Valid in E parking areas

  Lab Coats

  • Three per year

  KY Dental/Medical Licensure

  • Medical: Original cost for Residency Training (R) / Institutional Permit (IP) plus yearly renewal

  Disability Insurance

  • After twelve months of employment

  Life Insurance

  • One times stipend coverage provided at no cost
  • Optional up to five times stipend

  Meal Discounts

  • $ added to pay check for most specialties (based upon duty hours)


  • Residents are not eligible for the University’s retirement plan (matching contribution); however, you may contribute to the voluntary retirement plan.