CT Surgery I-6 Residents


Tyler Gunn

Tyler Gunn, MD Casual

Tyler Gunn, MD
Hometown: Iowa City, Iowa
Undergrad: University of Iowa
Medical School: University of Iowa
Areas of Interest/Research: Heart failure, Thorascopic maze procedure, endocarditis. 
Outside Surgery: Backpacking, College sports, Professional soccer, and Chicago Cubs baseball
Why UK? The friendly faculty, residents, and staff. The high case volume in the UK HealthCare CT Surgery department affords substantial operative experience across a wide range of presentations. Also, UK has an excellent NCAA basketball team.


Erinn Ogburn, MD

Ogburn and Shah

Erinn Ogburn, MD
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Undergrad: Rhodes College
Medical School: Baylor University School of Medicine


Peter Rodgers-Fischl

Peter Rodgers-Fischl, MD

Peter M. Rodgers-Fischl, MD
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Undergrad: Carnegie-Mellon University
Medical School: University of Kentucky
Areas of Interest/Research: Costs and outcomes for minimally invasive procedures, Heart disease. 
Outside Surgery: Reserve military duty, Camping, Fishing
Why UK? The opportunity to work with experts in both cardiac and general thoracic without being forced to sacrifice one field for the other. The faculty are engaging and as interested in teaching as attending to their practice. The program is flexible, and the pathologies that this region presents promises a challenging and unique learning environment.


Rebecca Phillip Rebecca Phillip, MD

Rebecca Phillip, MD
Hometown: Granby, Connecticut
Undergrad: Colorado College
Medical School: St. George's University
Areas of Interest/Research: New anticoagulant agents, 3D printing, Yoga Research 
Outside Surgery: Hiking, Skiing, Fishing, Running, Yoga, Literature
Why UK? Because my favorite color is blue


Thomas Marsden, MD Thomas Marsden and wife

Thomas Marsden, MD
Hometown: Franklin, Tennessee
Undergrad: Louisiana State University
Medical School: Louisiana State University School of Medicine


Dr. Andrew Bishop Andrew Bishop and friend

Andrew Bishop, MD
Hometown: Findlay, Ohio
Undergrad: The Ohio State University
Medical School: University of Toledo
Areas of Interest/Research: Outcomes research and LVADs
Outside of Surgery: Golf, College sports, Ohio State Buckeyes, and Missions
Why UK?: The friendly faculty, residents and staff when I visited for my interview. UK also provides a wonderful opportunity to learn from experienced faculty in both cardiac and thoracic fields. The case volume and case pathologies at UK provide excellent operative experience and a residency training program that is second to none.


Jason Gilbert, DO 

Jason Gilbert Casual

Jason Gilbert, DO
Hometown: Syracuse, New York
Medical School: West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine 
Interests outside of Surgery: Professionally trained flautist. Favorite piece to perform is Le Merle noir ("The Blackbird") by the French composer Olivier Messiaen for Flute and Piano. 
Why UK?: I fell in love with this area of the country while training in West Virginia. You’re greeted with a smile from complete strangers anywhere you go. It’s incredibly rewarding to take care of this patient population, as they express such sincere gratitude for the care they receive.

Program Alumni

Dr. Michael Bolanos
Mike Bolanos, MD

Michael Bolanos, MD
2013 - 2016

First graduate of the I-6 Cardiothoracic Surgery Residency at the University of Kentucky
Ocala, California
Medical School: 
Ponce School of Medicine
General Surgery Residency:
Duke University (2 years, then transferred to UK I-6 program)