Center for Advanced Training and Simulation (CATS)

Director: Scott Roth, MD

Manager: Michael Jax


The Center for Advanced Training and Simulation provides surgery students in their M3 Clerkship with a training environment that duplicates laparoscopic set ups they will encounter in the operating rooms. A broad range of laparoscopic skills exercises are offered here. As part of the clerkship you will attend a 30 degree training workshop in the lab and a surgical knot tying and suturing training session.

During the clerkship students are required to complete the simplified surgery resident skills curriculum. The surgery skills can be completed at any time when the lab is open and does not have to be completed in one visit to the lab. Lab hours are 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

We plan for the curriculum to constantly evolve so we encourage you to submit comments or suggestions you believe would improve the quality of our program.

Technical Services provided at the Center for Advanced Training and Simulation.

  1. Classes for training in the use of 30 degree laparoscope
  2. Surgical knot tying training sessions
  3. All equipment that is provided for residents is also available for use by medical students