Picture Name Affiliation Position Office Phone Number
BNABSH2's picture Bobbi Abshire Surgery Clinical Services Technician III/UKHC C224 A B CHANDLER MEDICAL CENTER 859-323-6346
kpi223's picture Kimberly Barnes Surgery Patient Services Coordinator/UKHC 740 S. Limestone
nkbe227's picture Natalie K Bentley Surgery Division Administrator/UKHC 800 Rose St
CABENT4's picture Christopher A. Bentley Surgery Advanced Practice Provider II/UKHC General Surgery
sbh235's picture Staci Bhalodi Surgery Advanced Practice Provider III/UKHC 800 Rose St
PBO223's picture Patricia Bowersox Surgery Staff Support Associate II/UKHC
dbo289's picture Diandra N Bowling Surgery Adv Practice Provider/Inpatient/UKHC 800 Rose St
rhbrew0's picture Rhonda L Brewer Surgery Staff Nurse/Ambulatory/UKHC General Surgery Clinic
mbucy's picture Mandy D Bucy Surgery Division Administrator/UKHC 800 rose street
mdbush2's picture Marianne D Bush Surgery Technical Project Specialist II/UKHC 800 Rose St
SBY224's picture Stephanie Byrd Surgery Clinical Services Technician II/UKHC KY Clinic CT Surgery
jlra243's picture Jazmine L Byrd Surgery Medical Assistant/Ambulatory/UKHC 800 Rose St.
jca268's picture Jennifer Campbell Surgery Clinical Services Technician III/UKHC KY Clinic
cta243's picture Tamara E. Carey Surgery Advanced Practice Provider I/UKHC 800 Rose St
LMCARP2's picture Leah M. Carpenter Surgery Clinical Services Technician I/UKHC
TMCART0's picture Tonya M Carter Surgery Nurse Clinic Manager/UKHC 125 East Maxwell Street, Suite 302 859-218-2785
ATCHAS2's picture Austin Chastain Surgery Administrative Support Associate I/UKHC Med Science Bldg.
tmcl230's picture Tara M Clark-Early Surgery Patient Relations Assistant/UKHC 800 Rose St.
jacl243's picture Jonne Anton Clay Surgery Clinical Services Technician III/UKHC General Surgery Clinic
sco283's picture Shawn Coffey Surgery Clinical Administrator IV/UKHC Medical Science Building
LCOMB4's picture Linda Combs Surgery Academic Support Services Director/UKHC (859) 323-2071
mrpick2's picture Meghan R Combs Surgery Administrative Support Associate I/UKHC 800 Rose St.
edco226's picture Elisha Dawn Comer Surgery Research Coordinator/UKHC 800 Rose St
skcutw2's picture Shawsta K Cutwright Surgery Nurse Clinical/Ambulatory/UKHC Surgery General
DAMPIER's picture Connie S Dampier Surgery Research Protocol Manager/Clinical/UKHC Ky Clinic A301 859-323-1781
DDAMR0's picture Donna Sue Damron Surgery Nurse Practitioner Special Clinic/UKHC Plastics Clinic 859-323-6346
emde228's picture Edward M Denton Surgery Administrative Support Associate UKHC, Research Staff/Regulatory Coordinator 740 S Limestone St Suite A301, Kentucky Clinic Lexington KY 40536 859.257.7937
radoll0's picture Rebecca A Doll Surgery Adv Practice Provider/Inpatient/UKHC 800 Rose St.
MDUGA0's picture Michael Dugan Surgery Advanced Practice Provider III/UKHC KY Clinic
rjeldr2's picture Bobbie Eldridge Surgery Administrative Services Asst /UKHC Division of General, Endocrine & Metabolic Surgery (GEMS), UK Department of Surgery 859-218-2782, 859-257-0511 (fax)
tkelli0's picture Tammy K Ellis Surgery Nurse Clinical/Ambulatory/UKHC General Surgery
cwenz2's picture Christopher W Enz Surgery Adv Practice Provider/Inpt/Nights/UKHC 800 Rose St.
BFFINK's picture Betsy F Fink Surgery Research Associate/UKHC K454 KENTUCKY CLINIC 859-323-6328
lgo249's picture Logan L Goff Surgery Advanced Practice Provider II/UKHC 800 Rose St
SDGR227's picture Sally Grasch Surgery Division Administrator, Grant Proposal Specialist 138 Leader Avenue, Room 129C, Lexington, KY 40536 859-323-2936