Opportunities for Giving: The General Surgery Wellness Fund

The General Surgery Resident Wellness Program

The University of Kentucky General Surgery Resident Wellness Program was started in 2020 to address the well-being of our surgical trainees.  The goal of the program is to support our residents holistically throughout their training while also providing them with a wellness skillset that can be used for the remainder of their professional careers.  The wellness program endeavors to improve the health and morale of our surgical trainees and improve the camaraderie within our department as a whole.

Core Values

The program, modeled after similar national programs, focuses on four core areas of well-being: Mental, Physical, Professional, and Social.  The focus on resident well-being is borne out of multiple studies that have shown that burnout remains high, particularly among U.S. general surgery residents.  Surgical residents work up to 80 hours and 6 days per week, often in high acuity and stressful environments.  Providing a well-being curriculum with multiple support initiatives will hopefully decrease resident burnout and simultaneously foster an inclusive environment that supports their educational and surgical competencies.