One Happy Patient

In the medical world, the best public relations initiative is a satisfied patient. Word-of-mouth is the number one, most influential marketing medium across all demographics. When someone speaks positively about an experience or product, we pay attention.

Dr. J. Scott Roth, who specializes in laparoscopic hernia repair, has many satisfied patients, but there is one who stands out. Carmen Patti from Chicago, Illinois had three hernias repaired by Dr. Roth and he’s talking about it.

Unable to find a surgeon in the Chicago area who would commit to minimally invasive surgery, Mr. Patti found Dr. Roth through the Internet and made an appointment in Lexington.

“Dr. Roth worked with my family physician so that I didn’t have to undergo a duplication of tests. He had all of the results sent from my family physician so everything was integrated and seamless,” said Mr. Patti. “Dr. Roth was sensitive to my needs and was very accommodating. At my request, he let me stay conscious through the first part of the operation.”

Mr. Patti had three hernias and conventional surgery would have required 14 inches of incisions, a lot of pain, and an extended hospital stay. Having it done laparoscopically, Mr. Patti was able to walk at the end of anesthesia and within a few days, he was back at the office.

“Dr. Roth is a scientist also and he represents the best way of doing things,” said Mr. Patti. “He tells it like it is and he was accommodating from beginning to end, allowing me to contribute to my outcome. The whole team, from Margaret [Dr. Roth’s nurse] down the line, contributed to a perfect experience.”

Mr. Patti added, “As a visitor from Chicago to the University of Kentucky Hospital, I found that the hospitality and warmth of the people of Lexington, Kentucky is incorporated in the care that patients receive at the University of Kentucky Hospital. You have to be a visitor to appreciate it!”

Well done, Dr. Roth and staff. Congratulations!