Faculty Awards

2017 Faculty Teaching Awards

Back Row: Sandra Beck, MD and James Lynch, MD (Community Faculty)
Second Row: Jon Hourigan, MD; Ana Ruzic, MD; Nathan Orr, MD; Brian Tucker, DO.
Front Row: Melissa Newcomb, MD*; Cortney Lee, MD*; Cynthia Talley, MD.
Not Pictured: James Liau, MD; John Draus, MD; Sean Dineen, MD; Eric Ballert, MD.
*Recipients of the Ward O. Griffen Excellence in Teaching Award.

The 2017 Ward O. Griffen Surgery Teaching Award, which recognizes Excellence in Medical Student Education, 
is awarded to Cortney Lee, MD and Melissa Newcomb, MD.

William Cavatassi, MD is the 2017 recipient of the
Ben Eiseman Surgery Teaching Award for Excellence in Resident Education.

2016 Faculty Teaching Awards

Dr. Jay Zwischenberger, front row, left, presented awards to the 2016 recipients of the Excellence in Student and Resident Education Award. Honorees included, left to right, front row:  Dr. Christopher Culpepper, Dr. Cortney Lee, and Dr. Melissa Newcomb. Second row: Dr. Sean Dineen, Dr. Ching-Wei Tzeng (Ben Eisemen Award), Dr. William Cavatassi, Dr. Sandra Beck, and Dr. Jon Hourigan. Back row: Dr. John Draus and Dr. Sean Skinner. Not Pictured: Dr. Jitesh Patel and Dr. Brian Tucker.

Ward O. Griffen Award is Dr. Joseph Iocono from the division of Pediatric Surgery.

The 2016 recipient of the Ben Eisemen Award is Dr. Ching-Wei Tzeng, Surgical Oncology.

2015 Honorees

Ward O Griffen Award - Student Evaluation

Daniel E. Kenady, MD

Ben Eisenman Award - Resident Evaluation

Levi D. Procter, MD

Recognition of Excellence in Medical Student & Resident Education

Jeremiah T. Martin - CT

John M. Draus - Pediatric Surgery

Leslie K. Wong - Plastic Surgery

Erin Maynard - Transplant Surgery

Stephen Strup - Urology

Melissa R. Newcomb - General Surgery

Ching-Wei D. Tzeng - General Surgery

William C. Cavatassi - General Surgery