Active Research

PIResident / StudentStudy Title
James Liau/Lesley WongNneamaka AgochukwuThe use of Integra for the reconstruction of scalp defects following oncologic resection: a retrospective, comparative study and systematic review
Brian RinkerRyan WilsonEffect of Cigarette Smoking on Breast Ptosis
Brian RinkerAshley BoustanyRisk Factors in the development of MRSA infections associated with breast implants
Brian RinkerAshley KerekesAesthetic Satisfaction in autologous and implant breast reconstruction: A comparison between Patients with a BMI less than and greater than 30
Brian RinkerRyan WermelingCan use of the ShotBlocker™ reduce pain from injections in adults?
Henry VasconezKrishna VyasThe Effects of Obesity on adipose derived stromal cells
Henry VasconezEvan Moore/Krishna VyasCleft Lip and Palate Epidemiology
Henry VasconezEvan Moore/Krishna VyasCleft Lip and Palate Speech
Lesley WongEvan MooreRetrospective Review of Surgically removed massive localized lymphedema
Lesley WongRyan WilsonNipple sparing mastectomy incisions and delays
Lesley WongRyan WilsonIn vivo evaluation of tantalum conduit in peripheral nerve surgery *Funded by Supercon
William NorthBrian RinkerThe evaluation of elective plastic surgery as motivation for smoking cessation
James LiauRyan WermelingComparing Free Anterolateral Thigh Flap to Free Muscle Flap for Lower Extremity Salvage
Brian RinkerAll attendings and residents are Co-PIsA Multicenter, Prospective, Randomized, Subject and Evaluator Blinded Comparative Study of Nerve Cuffs and Avance® Nerve Graft Evaluating Recovery Outcomes for the Repair of Nerve Discontinuities (RECON) *FUNDED by Axogen
Henry VasconezKrishna VyasFree Flap Outcomes Associated with the use of statins, inhalation anesthetics, and vasodilators
Henry VasconezAll attendings and residents are Co-PIsUsing Epicel in the treatment of severe burns
Brian RinkerHayes (Student)A retrospective review of digital injuries in the pediatric population
Henry VasconezFactors affecting residency rank listing:  a national survey of current and matched plastic surgery residents
Brian RinkerA Retrospective Review of Digital Nerve Reconstruction using Posterior Interosseous Nerve Autografts
James LiauGuoqiang YuMultiple Treatment Modalities for Vascular Anomalies
Brian RinkerA Multicenter Retrospective Study of Avance™ Nerve Graft Utilization, Evaluations and Outcomes in Peripheral Nerve Injury Repair. (RANGER) *Funded by Axogen
Daniel StewartMicrosurgery Teaching Protocol
Henry VasconezKrishna VyasFat grafting in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery: ideal donor sites and longevity in different body regions
Lesley WongNneamaka AgochukwuNon-contact Diffuse Optical Assessment of Mastectomy Skin Flaps *FUNDED National Endowment Plastic Surgery
Brian Rinker/Henry VasconezWilliam NorthThe Evaluation of Elective Plastic Surgery as Motivation For Smoking Cessation
Brian RinkerRyan WilsonTreatment of hand ischemia after infection of sub-lingual formulation suboxone
Brian RinkerA retrospective comparison of methods to determine regional cutaneous ischemia following skin sparing mastectomy
Brian RinkerNneamaka AgochukwuStyle 410 Anatomic Implants: A comparison of Outcomes and Aesthetic Results as Compared to Smooth Round Silicone Implant
Henry VasconezChase BurnsTrends in lower extremity reconstruction and skin grafting in an immunosuppressed patient
Brian RinkerWilliam NorthComparison of Dermal Autograft Donor Sites in Breast Reconstruction
Henry VasconezEvan MooreCreating a database of BCC in regard to margin analysis at VA
Brian RinkerRyan WermelingEvaluation of hand during Mountain Bike riding using Tekscan-pressure monitor
Collaboration with UK Engineering Dept
Brian RinkerRyan WermelingMicrosurgery Education training in handFellowship programs-survey those trained
Daniel StewartPienkowskiA Prospective Review of Breast Ptosis as it Contributes to the Symptoms of Breast Hypertrophy; collaboration with UK Engineering Dept.
Henry VasconezKrishna VyasWhat Makes a Plastic Surgery Residency Program Attractive?: An Applicant's Perspective
Lesley WongEvan MooreProspective Massive Localized Lymphedema Excisional Care Analysis and Guidelines
Henry VasconezChase BurnsRetrospective review of trends in lower extremity reconstruction at UK
Brian RinkerChelsea WallaceCan Use of the Pecs I and II blocks improve the post-operative course of patients undergoing reduction mammoplasty or mastectomies with immediate tissue expander reconstruction?