2013 Presentations

November 20, 2013, JR Taylor, MD
“That is not your daddy’s shotgun: Ballistics and Penetrating Trauma”

November 13, 2013, William Cavatassi, MD
PEGs and their complications

November 13, 2013, Levi Procter, MD
Central Venous Pressure – What is it good for?

November 6, 2013, Katie McKinney, MD, MS
GME Update

October 30, 2013, Matthew Bailey, MD
Rectal Cancer Review for the General Surgery Resident

October 23, 2013, Aaron B. House M.D.
Complications of Bariatric Surgery for the Non-Bariatric Surgeon

October 16, 2013, Joseph L. Bobadilla, M.D.
Complex Aortic Surgery: It's Not Just Clamp and Sew