2010 Presentations

December 15, 2010, Joseph B. Zwischenberger, MD
Fred W. Rankin, M.D. – A Man of Medicine during a Time of War and Change

December 8, 2010, Emily Albright, MD
Splenectomy – Not Just for Trauma Surgeons

December 1, 2010, Kristy Deep, MD
The Evolution of Esophageal Cancer Surgery

November 17, 2010, Prya Gaiha, MD
To Feed or Not to Feed: Feeding Tubes Near the End of Life

November 10, 2010, Jeff Cole, MD
Burns: The First 24 Hours

November 3, 2010, Randy Schell, MD
Acute Intraoperative Hypotension and Emergent TEE in Non-Cardiac Surgery: Questions Answered!

October 27, 2010, Fadi Makhoul, MD
Adrenal Incidentalomas

October 20, 2010, David Maynard, CDS, ETS
Physician Impairment: It'll Never Happen to Me

October 20, 2010, Lora Gooding, MD
Music Therapy Uses Preoperatively, Intraoperatively and Postoperatively: An Overview of Effective Interventions

October 13, 2010, Don Hayes, MD
Physician Sleep Deprivation: To Sleep or Not to Sleep

September 29, 2010, Research Faculty and Residents
Surgical Research

September 22, 2010, Gabe Bietz, MD
The Evolution of Endovascular Grafts

September 15, 2010, Ehab E. Sorial, MD
Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome

September 15, 2010, William C. Cavatassi, MD
Complications during a Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

September 8, 2010, Andrew Bernard, MD
Transfusion – Practice, Policy and Prevention

June 9, 2010, Joseph B. Zwischenberger, MD
The State of the Department of Surgery

June 2, 2010, Thomas C. Pearson, MD, Ph.D, Emory University
Transplantation in 2010

May 26, 2010, Priya Gaiha, MD, MBA
Heart Failure and VADs: Bridges for Broken Hearts

May 19, 2010, Erik Hasenboehler MD
Novel Treatments of Rib Fractures: Hype or Future?

May 12, 2010, Sean Skinner, MD

May 12, 2010, Timothy Mullett, MD
The Value of Clinical Staging in Cancer

May 5, 2010, Victor Ferraris, MD
Mortality from Severe Trauma in Patients with Pre-existing Cardiac Disease

April 21, 2010, Robert R. Carter MD
To Stent or Not to Stent? Treatment of Carotid Artery Stenosis in the 21st Century

April 14, 2010, Andrew Bernard, MD
Optimal Management of the Potential Organ Donor

April 14, 2010, Jon Hourigan, MD
Mechanical Bowel Preparation

April 7, 2010
Gabe Bietz, MD; Magdy Giurgius, MD; David Hamilton, MS3; Erik Hasenboehler, MD; Conan Mustain, MD; Nathan Orr, MD; Shane O´Keeffe, MD; Jeremy Parcells, MD; Sushanth Reddy, MD; Tiffany Wright, MD
Surgical Resident Research

March 24, 2010, Ana Ruzic, MD
ECMO and ECLS in critical care: a review and update

March 17, 2010, Bernard Boulanger, MD
Operating Room Safety

March 3, 2010, Sibu Saha, MD
Healthcare Models Across the Globe

February 24, 2010, Joseph Hansler, MD
Ballistics in Penetrating Trauma

February 17, 2010, Eleftherios S. Xenos, MD
The Use of the Vascular Laboratory in Arterial Venous Disease Evaluation

February 17, 2010, H. David Vargas, MD, FACS, FASCRS
Crohn's Disease: Reoperative Surgery

February 3, 2010, Paul Kearney, MD
Surgical Infections

January 20, 2010, Daniel Kenady, MD
The War on Cancer in 2010

January 13, 2010, Sushanth Reddy, MD
The Rants and Tirades of a Maniacal Senior Surgery Resident

January 6, 2010, David C. Maynard, MA, LPCC, NCC
ALCOHOL AND DRUG USE: Addressing a Prolific Problem in Healthcare