2009 Presentations

December 16, 2009, Brannon Hyde, MD
Gastroesophageal reflux disease and antireflux surgery

December 2, 2009, Carol Spears, MD, MBA, FACS
Surgery and Surgery Training in Kenya

November 18, 2009, Gabriel Bietz, MD
Chronic Venous Disease Treatment

November 11, 2009, Heather Wright, MD
Breast Cancer and Pregnancy

November 4, 2009, Kristy S. Deep, MD
Ethics and end-of-life care

October 28, 2009, Dr. Jacob Perry
Why Johnny Can't Operate

October 21, 2009, Eleftherios Xenos, MD, PhD
Venous Thromboembolic Disease

October 21, 2009, Erik Ballert, MD
Chronic Postoperative Inguinodynia

September 16, 2009, Dr. Ehab Sorial
Mesenteric Ischemia

September 9, 2009, Dr. Duncan MacIvor
Emergency and Massive Transfusion

September 2, 2009, Dr. Richard Lofgren
Needs and Expectations of the UK Department of Surgery

September 2, 2009, Dr. Michael Karpf
UK HealthCare - State of the Union

August 26, 2009, Dr. Andrew Bernard, Carl Hatmaker
Documentation: Where You Can Go Wrong

August 19, 2009, Dr. Philip Chang
In-Patient E & M Billing

August 12, 2009, Dr. Joseph Zwischenberger
Medicare Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) Program

July 21, 2009, Dr. Mark Evers
Metastatic Models of Human Cancer: Implications for Novel Treatment Strategies

May 27, 2009, Dr. William Cavatassi
Morbid Obesity Surgery for Non-Bariatric Surgeons

May 13, 2009, Dr. David Sloan
Thyroglossal Duct Cyst in a Young Woman

May 6, 2009, M. Sarah Rosenthal, Ph.D.
Hot Topics in Surgery Ethics

April 29, 2009, Daniel L. Davenport, Ph.D.
Assessing surgical outcomes using the American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (ACS NSQIP)

April 15, 2009, Dr. Joseph Hansler
FLS: What, Why and Who Cares?