Cortney Y Lee, MD

Bio / Education: 

Medical School
Texas Tech University
Health Sciences Center School of Medicine
Lubbock, Texas

General Surgery Residency, University of Kentucky

Endocrine Surgery Fellowship
Scott & White Clinic
Texas A&M Health Science Center
Temple, Texas

Board Certification
American Board of Surgery

Surgical Interests
In-office ultrasound & FNA of thyroid nodules
Advanced thyroid cancer management
Surgical treatment of Graves disease
Minimally invasive parathyroid & adrenal surgery

PubMed Publications: 

  • Lee, C.Y.;Snyder, S.K.;Lairmore, T.C.;Dupont, S.C.;Jupiter, D.C. "Utility of surgeon-performed ultrasound assessment of the lateral neck for metastatic papillary thyroid cancer." Journal of oncology 2012, (2014): 973124. [PubMed Link] | [ Full text ]
  • Sloan, D.A.;Davenport, D.L.;Eldridge, R.J.;Lee, C.Y. "Surgeon-driven thyroid interrogation of patients presenting with primary hyperparathyroidism." Journal of the American College of Surgeons 218, 4 (2014): 674-83. [PubMed Link] | [ Full text ]
  • Reisman, S.A.;Lee, C.Y.;Meyer, C.J.;Proksch, J.W.;Sonis, S.T.;Ward, K.W. "Topical Application of the Synthetic Triterpenoid RTA 408 Protects Mice from Radiation-Induced Dermatitis." Radiation research (2014): [PubMed Link] |
  • Lee, C.Y.;Bernard, A.C.;Fryman, L.;Coughenour, J.;Costich, J.;Boulanger, B.;Chang, P.;Kearney, P.A. "Imaging may delay transfer of rural trauma victims: a survey of referring physicians." The Journal of trauma 65, 6 (2008): 1359-63. [PubMed Link] | [ Full text ]
  • Recinos A, 3rd;LeJeune, W.S.;Sun, H.;Lee, C.Y.;Tieu, B.C.;Lu, M.;Hou, T.;Boldogh, I.;Tilton, R.G.;Brasier, A.R. "Angiotensin II induces IL-6 expression and the Jak-STAT3 pathway in aortic adventitia of LDL receptor-deficient mice." Atherosclerosis 194, 1 (2007): 125-33. [PubMed Link] | [ Full text ]
  • Carrick, M.M.;Tyroch, A.H.;Youens, C.A.;Handley, T. "Subsequent development of thrombocytopenia and coagulopathy in moderate and severe head injury: support for serial laboratory examination." The Journal of trauma 58, 4 (2005): 725-9; discussion 729-30. [PubMed Link] | [ Full text ]
  • Rainwater, K.;Jackson, A.;Ingram, W.;Lee, C.Y.;Thompson, D.;Mollhagen, T.;Ramsey, H.;Urban, L. "Field demonstration of the combined effects of absorption and evapotranspiration on septic system drainfield capacity." Water environment research : a research publication of the Water Environment Federation 77, 2 (1969): 150-61. [PubMed Link] |
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