Integrated Program

The curriculum of the UK Integrated Plastic Surgery Residency is designed to provide individuals with an education and training in general surgery and plastic surgery in preparation for Board certification in plastic surgery.

The Integrated program begins with acquisition of a foundation in general surgical cognitive, intuitive, and technical skills with early exposure and expansion into the plastic surgery arena as well. The six-year program combines three years of core general surgery residency experience with three years of plastic surgery residency training.  The general surgery experience is tailored to provide individuals with a progressive graduated educational foundation in general surgery that is specifically pertinent to plastic surgery.

Considerable use has been made of collaborative services, including the development of a Hand Service, a Head and Neck Service and the Multidisciplinary Craniofacial team. The Hand Service rotations serve as an example of the level of progressive involvement throughout the tiers of the integrated program.  The exposure to the service in rotation year two is as the most junior resident. The return to the same service at the fourth year is as an intermediate level resident and, finally, in the sixth year is as chief resident of the service.  A similar progression has been established for the Burn Unit with initial rotations covering aspects of acute resuscitation and critical care. Subsequent rotations deal with wound excisions, grafting and reconstruction.

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