Teaching Awards

Surgery Faculty Teaching Awards

In recognition of their interest and excellence in medical student and resident education, awards are also given to the following surgery faculty, based on student and resident evaluations for the academic year. 

The Ben Eiseman Surgery Teaching Award for Excellence in Resident Education and the Ward O. Griffen Surgery Teaching Award for Excellence in Medical Student Education were established in 1999 to honor faculty members who have demonstrated excellent educational skills and contributed significantly to medical student and resident education over the past academic year.

The Richard W. Schwartz Leadership in Education Award was awarded beginning in 2011 to University of Kentucky Faculty members for their tireless dedication and pursuit of excellence in surgical education during their tenure as faculty at the University of Kentucky.

The Abraham Flexner Master Educator Award recognizes excellence in teaching, leadership, innovation, evalutaion, and development.

Resident Teaching Awards

Based on student evaluations of residents, teaching awards are presented to residents who exhibit excellence in surgery teaching and instruction.

Student Surgery Awards

The Francis Massie Award is given to the most outstanding student in Surgery each year. The award is named for Dr. Francis Massie who served as President of the Fayette County Medical Society. The Francis Massie and Andrew Pulito Awards are given at the Senior Awards Brunch on Graduation Day.  These are academic awards given by Surgery to graduating students.

The Andrew R. Pulito Award honors a student with solid academic scores, leadership qualities, teaching abilities and dedication to the practice of surgical medicine.