Faculty and Resident Teaching Awards


In recognition of excellence in medical student and resident education, awards are also given to Department of Surgery faculty based on student and resident evaluations during the academic year.

2018 Teaching Awards

2018 Faculty Teaching Awards

Jon Draus, MD; Joshua Judge, MD; Lesley Wong, MD; Avinash Bhakta, MD; and Matthew Bush, MD. 
Not Pictured: William Cavatassi, MD; Emily Marcinkowski, MD; Jonathan Kiev, MD; and Jay Michael Burton MD.

2017 recipients of the Award for Excellence in 
Student and Resident Education
Dr. Sandra Beck, Dr. James Lynch, Dr. Jon Hourigan, Dr. Ana Ruzic, Dr. Nathan Orr, Dr. Brian Tucker,
Dr. Cynthia Talley, Dr. James Liau, Dr. John Draus, Dr. Sean Dineen, Dr. Eric Ballert

2016 recipients of the Award for Excellence in
Student and Resident Education
Dr. Christopher Culpepper, Dr. Cortney Lee, Dr. Melissa Newcomb, Dr. Sean Dineen, Dr. Ching-Wei Tzeng, Dr. William Cavatassi,
Dr. Sandra Beck, Dr. Jon Hourigan, Dr. John Draus and Dr. Sean Skinner, Dr. Jitesh Patel and Dr. Brian Tucker.

2015 recipients of the Award for Excellence in
Student and Resident Teaching:
Dr. Jeremiah T. Martin, Dr. John M. Draus, Dr. Leslie K. Wong, Dr. Erin Maynard, Dr. Stephen Strup,
Dr. Melissa R. Newcomb, Dr. Ching-Wei D. Tzeng, Dr. William C. Cavatassi

The Ben Eiseman Surgery Teaching Award for Excellence in Resident Education and the Ward O. Griffen Surgery Teaching Award for Excellence in Medical Student Education were established in 1999 to honor faculty members who have demonstrated excellent educational skills and contributed significantly to medical student and resident education over the past academic year.

Ben Eiseman Surgery Teaching Award

 Ward O. Griffen Surgery Teaching Award

Ben Eiseman Award

Melissa Newcomb, MD

Ward Griffen Award for Excellence

Jitesh Patel, MD

2017 - William Cavatassi, MD

2017 - Cortney Lee, MD and Melissa Newcomb, MD

2016 - Ching-Wei Tzeng, MD

2016 - Joseph Iocono, MD

2015 - Levi D. Procter, MD

2015 - Daniel E. Kenady, MD

The Richard W. Schwartz Leadership in Education Award is awarded to UK Department of Surgery faculty members in recognition of their tireless dedication and pursuit of excellence in surgical education.

The Abraham Flexner Master Educator Award recognizes excellence in teaching, leadership, innovation, evalutaion, and development.


Resident teaching awards are presented to residents who exhibit excellence in surgery teaching and instruction.These awards are based on medical student evaluations of residents.

Resident Teaching Awards 2018

2018 Resident Teaching Awards

Back Row: Samuel Carmichael II, MD; Timothy Horrell, MD; John Schwabe, MD; Peter Stafford, MD; Duane Wang, MD; Patrick Hensley, MD
Front Row:
Erika Almodovar, MD; Shyanie Kumar, MD; Wayne Chang, MD; and Caroline Neff, MD.
Not Pictured:
Cheryl Richie, MD; Michael Kaufman, MD

2017 Resident Awards for Excellence in Medical Student Education
Cheryl Richie, MD; Jennifer Harris, MD; Brent Hillard, MD; Michael Totten, MD; Tong Gan, MD; 
Justin Peterson, MD; Tamera Cox, MD; Shyanie Kumar, MD; Callie Dowdy, MD; 
Amaka Agochukwu, MD; Caroline Neff, MD; Sam Carmichael, MD; Maggie Higgins, MD

2016 Resident Awards for Excellence in Medical Student Education
Michael Bounds, Zachary Warner, Samuel Carmichael, John Hance, Tong Gan, Peter Stafford, Meir Meerkov,
Caroline Neff, Michael Totten, Melissa Kost, Tamera Cox, and Heather Frohman

2015 Resident Awards for Excellence in Medical Student Education
Nathan Kister, Brittany Zwischenberger, Tamera Cox, Cheryl Richie, Ashley Kerekes,
John Hance, Stephen Grupke, Ross Strong, Jerry Fikhman, John Lacy, Michael Lynch


The Francis Massie Award is in honor of Dr. Francis Massie, who served as President of the Fayette County Medical Society. Dr. Massie was one of the founding members of the Southern Society of Clinical Surgeons; he was the first Secretary and later President of the Kentucky Surgical Association. Dr. Massie was also a leader in the Kentucky Medical Education Foundation, an organization whose research was a catalyst to the establishment of the University of Kentucky Medical School by Governor Albert Chandler. This award is given annually to one senior medical student who demonstrates outstanding potential as a physician within the Department of Surgery.

The Andrew R. Pulito Award is given in honor of Dr. Andrew Pulito, pediatric surgeon, and long-time general surgery clerkship director. 
This award is given to a student who exemplifies excellence in academics, clinical care, leadership and teaching in the field of surgery.

These awards are presented to graduating students at the Senior Awards Brunch on Graduation Day

Francis Massie Award

Andrew R. Pulito Award

Dr. Patel and Dr. Keeven

David Keeven

Ted Huerta

Teddy Huerta

 2018 - Ashley Borrigter

2018 - Erin Wolf Horrell

2017 - Brittany Fenner

2017 - Kyle Stigall

2016 - David Saxon

2016 - Justin Penticuff

2015 - Eric S. Schmidt

2015 - Patrick Hensley