Cardiovascular and Thoracic Faculty

Picture Name Position Phone
ccrof2's picture Cherry Ballard-Croft, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery 859-323-3718
mba297's picture Maher Baz, MD Professor 859-257-1928
vferr2's picture Victor M. Ferraris, MD, Ph.D. Tyler Gill Professor in Vascular Surgery, Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery 859-323-6494
ske276's picture Suresh Keshavamurthy, MBBS Assistant Professor
tlo224's picture Tessa London, MD Assistant Professor, Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery
rma338's picture Rajasekhar Malyala, M.D. Assistant Professor
sme285's picture Shari L Meyerson, M.D., M.Ed. Professor, Section Head of Thoracic Surgery, Program Director - Cardiothoracic Surgery I-6 Residency Program, Program Director - Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellowship Program
jdmi238's picture Jordan David Miller, D.O. Assistant Professor
mullett's picture Timothy Wm. Mullett, M.D. Professor of Surgery, Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery 859-323-6494
sna266's picture Sravanthi Nandavaram, MD Assistant Professor
HREDA2's picture Hassan K. Reda, M.D. Associate Professor of Surgery, Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery 859-323-6494
ssaha2's picture Sibu Saha, M.D., M.B.A. Professor of Surgery, Directors Council Chair, Gill Heart Institute 859-257-8250
mese223's picture Michael Sekela, MD Professor of Surgery, Chief, UK Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery 859-323-6494
wjwa232's picture William J Wallen, MD, PhD Clinical Instructor of Surgery, Pediatric Heart Program
dnwang2's picture Dongfang Wang, MD Professor, Director of Artificial Organ Laboratory, Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery 859-323-8265
zzh349's picture Zhongjiang Zhuang Assistant Professor
jzwis2's picture Joseph B. Zwischenberger, M.D. Professor of Surgery, Professor of Pediatrics 859-323-6013