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Dr. Duggal

Anil Duggal

Upper extremity skin and soft tissue infections among IV drug users in Appalachian Kentucky : A healthcare utilization and cost analysis study
Dr. james Liau

James Liau

Comparing Free Anterolateral Thigh Flap to Free Muscle Flap for Lower Extremity Salvage

Multiple Treatment Modalities for Vascular Anomalies

Brian Rinker, MD

Brian Rinker

Risk Factors in the development of MRSA infections associated with breast implants
Can use of the ShotBlocker™ reduce pain from injections in adults?
A multicenter, prospective, randomized, subject and evaluator blinded comparative study of nerve cuffs and Avance® nerve graft evaluating recovery outcomes for the repair of nerve discontinuities (RECON) 
 A Multicenter Retrospective Study of Avance™ Nerve Graft Utilization, Evaluations and Outcomes in Peripheral Nerve Injury Repair. (RANGER) *Funded by Axogen
 A retrospective comparison of methods to determine regional cutaneous ischemia following skin sparing mastectomy
Style 410 Anatomic Implants: A comparison of Outcomes and Aesthetic Results as Compared to Smooth Round Silicone Implant
 An analysis of the changes in efficiency and cost due to the use of fiberglass splinting as compared to plaster splinting
 Can use of the Pecs I and II blocks improve the post-operative course of patients undergoing reduction mammoplasty or mastectomies with immediate tissue expander reconstruction?
The evaluation of elective plastic surgery as motivation for smoking cessation

Dan Stewart, MD

Daniel Stewart

Instructional methods of microsurgical technique

A prospective review of breast ptosis as it contributes to the symptoms of breast hypertrophy

Dr. Vasconez

Henry Vasconez

Factors affecting residency rank listing: a national survey of current and matched plastic surgery residents
 The effects of obesity on adipose derived stromal cells
Using Epicel in the treatment of severe burns
Fat grafting in breast reconstruction
Trends in lower extremity reconstruction and skin grafting in an immunosuppressed patient
Creating a database of BCC in regard to margin analysis at VA
Retrospective review of trends in lower extremity reconstruction at UK
Scar analysis in direct excision brow lift:  wound closure and cost analysis of octyl-2-cyanoacrylate vs conventional non-absorbable suture technique
A rural-urban comparison of post-mastectomy breast reconstruction
 Craniofacial dissection techniques with the human cadaver 
Retrospective review of cranioplasty at University of Kentucky
Whole exome sequency to determine the genetic landscape of BIA-ALCL:  A collaboration with Dr. Mark Clemens, MD Anderson Cancer Center
A cleft rhinoplasty for the secondary cleft lip nasal deformity:  A re-appraisal

Lesley Wong,MD

Lesley Wong

Retrospective review of surgically removed massive localized lymphedema
 Non-contact diffuse optical assessment of mastectomy skin flaps 
Randomized clinical trial comparing 1-port and 2-port tissue expanders for breast reconstruction
Prospective massive localized lymphedema excisional care analysis and guidelines