The UK CT Surgery Clinic earns Patient Experience Award

The University of Kentucky Cardiothoracic Surgery Clinic earned the Patient Experience Award for the third quarter of 2017. It is the fourth time the clinic has won the award.

The award, which is determined from the results of national patient satisfaction surveys, placed the clinic among the highest rated in the United States, according to the UK Office of Patient Experience.

An analysis of survey responses reported that the CT Surgery Clinic exceeded expectations in over a dozen measures of quality patient care, according to Bo Cofield, Vice President and Chief of Clinical Operations at UK HealthCare. Overall, the clinic scored greater than the 95th percentile as compared to other medical service clinics across the country.

“Our goal is for our clinics to score at the green level, which means that the clinic staff is meeting patient expectations for quality and service. In this case, however, the majority of the UK CT clinic’s ratings were blue – which means that it consistently exceeded standards of patient care and personal interaction for the quarter,” Cofield commented.

A reception was held to honor CT Surgery Clinic providers and staff for winning the Patient Experience Award. Front row, from left: Bo Cofield, Dr. Sibu Saha, Peter Rodgers-Fischl, MD. Back row, from left: Cheri Wheat, Sam Carmichael, MD, Katie Tibbitts, Valerie Ogle, Lisa Richardson, Heather Madison, Brenda Wallace, Robin Jones, Dr. Jordan Miller, Barbara Wilson, Connie Dampier, Dr. Jonathan Kiev, and Keshia Prater.

Offering his thanks and appreciation to the clinic’s providers and staff, Cofield presented the clinic with a special banner to commemorate their achievement. The office of patient experience also hosted a reception in the clinic’s honor.

“This is just confirmation of what I have known all along. The clinic is made up of a wonderful team of caregivers whose first priority are the patients. They are the best,” said Dr. Sibu Saha, CT Surgery division chief.