In The Loop: First annual Saha Awards recognize dedication to patient-centered care

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The Saha Award for Patient-Centered Care, sponsored by the Saha Foundation, was established to honor health care providers who exhibit a high sense of professionalism, a moral obligation to patient-centered care and the ability to lead by example in advocating growth in UK HealthCare’s work culture.

Sibu Saha, MD, MBS, FACS, chief of cardiothoracic surgery, was fueled by his own passion and commitment to excellent care and medical research to establish the Saha Foundation. Through the generosity of the Saha family, the foundation is able to recognize like-minded health care providers.

For the inaugural Saha Award, recognition stories from 2016 that focused on patient-centered care were organized into four distinct categories: clinical nurse, clinical support, assistant professor and ambulatory. Identities were removed and the stories submitted to the Saha Foundation Committee for review and selection. Each committee member scored the categories independently using the core concepts of patient-centered care and UK HealthCare values.

The Saha Foundation announced the following recipients of the 2017 Saha Award for Patient-Centered Care at a ceremony in June:

The Saha Awards for Patient Centered Care presented to Clinical Nurse: Elizabeth Ober, Clinical Support: Greg Scott; Assistant Professor: Greg Yost; Ambulatory: Beth Coy. Featured with them are Bo Cofield, Dr. Sibu Saha, and Dr. Michael Karpf.

Elizabeth Ober, RN, CEN, TCRN, emergency department (clinical nurse category), is described by her manager as an exceptional person, teammate and employee. Her hard work and commitment have been a positive influence on the rest of the team. Ober was honored with the Saha Award specifically for her compassionate care of a teenager who was in the emergency department after enduring a traumatic event.

Greg Scott, RN, BSN, CRNI, a vascular access nurse (clinical support category), is a leader and a team player who mentors others and participates in various process improvement projects and committees. He develops a relationship with each of his patients. He received a Saha Award for brightening the birthday of one young patient who was forced to spend her special day in the hospital.

Chris Yost, MD (assistant professor category), is medical director of ambulatory quality and physician lead of general internal medicine patient-centered medical home. He was recognized at the Saha Award ceremony for his work in helping a patient improve his health enough to be considered for a needed transplant.

Beth Coy, APRN, MSN, neurology (ambulatory category), provides compassionate care to every patient, looking beyond the diagnosis to see and treat the person. She takes time to get to know her patients, offering trust and empathy. Coy received a Saha Award for spending extra time with a patient to provide hope and education regarding medications that made the difference in fighting an illness.