Department of Surgery announces teaching awards to residents for 3rd rotation

Dr. Cortney Lee presented several surgical residents Golden Apple pins following Department of Surgery Grand Rounds Wednesday morning, December 4. The Golden Apples were given in recognition of their excellent teaching as nominated by 3rd year medical students during this third surgical rotation block.

Golden Apple Pin Recipients for Block 3:  
Jingkun Wang (Gen Surg. PGY 3), Bradley Ruehle (Prelim.), Danielle Kay (Gen. Surg. PGY 5), Travis Hughes (Gen Surg. PGY 3), Tong Gan (Gen Surg. PGY 4), Casey Fitzgerald (ENT PGY 2), Callie Dowdy (Gen. Surg. PGY 5), Sai Dalavayi (Gen. Surg. PGY 1), Dan Badia (Vascular Surgery Fellow), Kelsey Smith (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery PGY 4), Peter Rodgers-Fischl (CT Surgery PGY 4), Wes Edmunds (Plastic Surg PGY 5), Mansi Shah (CT Surgery Chief Fellow), Wesley Witt (Gen. Surg. PGY 1), Heath Brashear (Gen. Surg. PGY 4), Erika Almodovar (Gen. Surg. PGY 2), Chris Kubajak (Plastic Surg PGY 3), John Hahn (Gen. Surg. PGY 5).

Honorable Mentions for Block 3:
Tyler Gunn (CT Surg PGY 5), Kyle Bess (Gen. Surg. PGY 4), Katie Kraft (Gen. Surg. PGY 3), Brittany Levy (Gen. Surg. PGY 1), Erinn Ogburn (CT Surg PGY 5), Nick Jackson (Gen. Surg. PGY 4), Skylar Trott (ENT PGY 2), Michael Mullen (ENT PGY 2), Patrick Liebel (Gen. Surg. PGY 5), Maqsood Khan (Prelim. Intern), Amy Tefft (Gen. Surg. PGY 3), Michael Cournoyer (Gen. Surg. PGY 2), Lauren Frye (Vascular Surgery Fellow).

Comments regarding the award recipients focused a great deal on how residents showed patience and took extra time to counsel medical students in every aspect of surgery. 

  • “Always found ways to involve me in every aspect of the [surgery] rotation.”
  • “…Took time during every case to teach, answer questions, and offer advice on how to help the team and be a better student.”
  • “The kind of doctor I want to be when I graduate. Took time to show me how to suture…”
  • “Answered questions in such a way that stimulated thought. Held us accountable to learning.”