Student Surgery Awards

Francis Massie Award

This award is in honor of Dr. Francis Massie, who served as President of the Fayette County Medical Society. Dr. Massie was one of the founding members of the Southern Society of Clinical Surgeons; he was the first Secretary and later President of the Kentucky Surgical Association. Dr. Massie was also the catalyst who first brought the idea of a University of Kentucky Medical School to Governor Albert Chandler. This award is given annually to one senior medical student who demonstrates outstanding potential as a physician within the Department of Surgery.

2017 Brittany Fenner

2016 David Saxon

David excelled in the surgery clerkship with intelligence, diligence and, a strong desire to achieve as well as high academic scores throughout the 3rd surgery clerkship.

2015 Eric S. Schmidt


Andrew R. Pulito Award

The award is given in honor of Dr. Andrew Pulito, pediatric surgeon, and long-time general surgery clerkship director.
This award is given to a student who exemplifies excellence in academics, clinical care, leadership and teaching in the field of surgery.

2017 Kyle Stigall

2016 Justin Penticuff

2015 Patrick Hensley