Resident Teaching Awards

2017 Resident Teaching Awards

Back Row: Cheryl Richie, MD; Jennifer Harris, MD; Brent Hillard, MD
Second Row: Michael Totten, MD; Tong Gan, MD; Justin Peterson, MD; Tamera Cox, MD
Front Row: Shyanie Kumar, MD; Callie Dowdy, MD; Amaka Agochukwu, MD; Caroline Neff, MD.
Not Pictured: Sam Carmichael, MD; Maggie Higgins, MD

2016 Resident Teaching Awards

Recipients of the 2016 Recognition of Excellence in Medical Student Education are, left to right, front row: Dr. Michael Bounds, Dr. Zachary Warriner, Dr. Samuel Carmichael, Dr. John Hance. Second row: Dr. Tong Gan, Dr. Peter Stafford, Dr. Meir Meerkov, Dr. Caroline Neff, Dr. Michael Totten, and Dr. Melissa Kost.
Not pictured: Dr. Tamera Cox and Dr. Heather Frohman.

2015 Honorees

Recognition of Excellence in Medical Student Education

Nathaniel L. Kister - CT Surgery Fellow

Michael P. Lynch - Plastic Surgery

Ashley R. Kerekes - Plastic Surgery

Tamera B. Cox - General Surgery

Cheryl D. Richie - General Surgery

William Ross Strong - General Surgery

John M. Hance - General Surgery

Brittany A. Zwischenberger - General Surgery

Stephen L. Grupke - Neurosurgery

John M. Lacy - Urology

German S. Fikham - Otolaryngology