Education Committee

The Surgery Education Committee meets every other month and comprises one faculty member from each surgical specialty.

Joseph Iocono, MD - Pediatric Surgery (Director)
Cynthia Talley, MD - General Surgery (Trauma)
Andrew Pulito, MD - Pediatric Surgery
Jon S. Hourigan, MD - General Surgery (GI/MIS)
Joseph Valentino, MD - Otolaryngology
Daniel Stewart, MD - Plastic Surgery
Michael Gedaly, MD - Transplant Surgery
Angela Mahan, MD - Cardiothoracic Surgery
Karin Swartz, M.D. - Neurosurgery
Raymond Wright, MD - Orthopaedic Surgery
Katie Ballert, MD - Urology
Arundathi Reddy, MD - Anesthesiology
David Victor, MD - Morehead
Alethea Bernard, MHA, MPA - Surgery Education Office
Margret Kates - Surgery Education Office
Ehab Sorial, MD - Vascular Surgery
Eleftherios Xenos, MD - Vascular Surgery