Confidentiality of Student Educational Records (FERPA Laws)

Confidentiality of Student Educational Records

The confidentiality and security of our residents' and fellows' educational records is a concern that the UK College of Medicine and, by extension, the Department of Surgery takes very seriously.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law with statutes that directly address the privacy and confidentiality of student educational records that contain personally identifiable information.

Students should know the following:

  • FERPA rights transfer to the student upon enrollment in a higher education institution regardless of age. Parents have no inherent rights to educational records no matter the age of the student.
  • Students have the right to prevent institutional disclosure of any student record information, including directory information. Students should indicate that information is confidential in their MYUK page and SAP.
  • Students have the right to review the entire content of their personal education records.

The following website links will provide additional information about compliance with FERPA laws for:

For additional information about FERPA and Students' rights to confidentiality contact the Senior Associate Registrar for Student Records at 859-257-7157.